1 week sprint board

We have experienced that the most effective way to recruit is by using Sprint and Scrum, which is an effective methodology within the IT world to keep focus on the goal and remove any. obstacles as soon as possible. Every Monday we hold a Sprint meeting, where all current recruitments are reviewed and expectations for each recruitment, how many candidates you expect to contact next Monday and your best bet on how many candidates you as a headhunter expect to be able to send to your customer.

Named headhunter

Each recruitment has an associated headhunter who must be on target to succeed in the recruitment. Often the headhunter is responsible for the entire process, from the search to the customer contact – but sometimes researchers are also involved to be helpful with the search.

Weekly goal

As part of focusing on the task, the headhunter must state the person’s best bid on how many candidates you expect to contact during the week – and possibly. send to the customer.

One point of contact

As a customer, you will only have contact with one person in iHeadHunt, namely the headhunter. Typically, customer and headhunter have a weekly status meeting and / or combined with weekly status report.